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Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Isnt life wonderful? Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I have offically decided to stop romanticizing the idea that anything with a penis is CAPABLE of being LOYAL. That Romeo and Juliette thing..It doesnt exist. This is precisely why Shakespares works became renound, and highly regarded. He gave us all an illusion, an escape from the harsh realities in the land of LOVE. His most famous work was the most far fetched.  Wisely he omitted the REAL ending..the way the story would have ended if it were real life.  He gave us a  dream, and unfortunately our dreams can sometimes be cruel and antagonistic. No life will not immitate art. No man is going to die for you. You'll be lucky if he can keep his eyes in his head, and his dick in his pants. If he does somehow miraculously manage to conquer both of these "tasks" with ease and contentment,  it is almost certain he is either mentally challenged, casterated, taking a salt peter diet, or severly brain damaged. I have possibly  and I stress POSSIBLY known MAYBE "A" as in ONE as in SINGULAR male who was physically loyal, and very close to being emotionally loyal.  But In my 29 years on this planet I have YET to meet a man who's heart is 100% loyal. It may be speculated that I am just unlucky in love, or I am just a horrible person, or I am an unsatisfying lover, or I am "wrong"..and some of this speculation may or may not be correct. However, I am not just referring to the men I have been intimate with I am referring to ALL men I have KNOWN. If one man could prove beyond a reasonable doubt..(I mean the only way would be if he were living like Jim Carrey as Truman) that he were 100% faithful Well I would have to brand him the 8th wonder of the world. I contend that NO MAN is faithful.  Guys,  look up the meaning of faithful in the dictionary..before you get offended. I am guessing that there are millions of people with millions of different interpretations on the meaning of FAITHFUL. But guess what?! The meaning int he dictionary, is the proper meaning. The dictionary will not debate with you.  I challenge even one man reading this to look up the meaning, and then lay claim to 100% loyalty( his heart, and his penis)  with a woman at any point in his life for a SUBSTANTIAL ( being years not days) amount of time. Now if this should happen ( God forbid a miracle takes place) There are a few rational explanations for it. One, the guy is in denial, and is totally ignorant to who he is. Two, he is illiterate. Three he is a liar ( far stretch for most men) Four he is Jesus, or is of the belief that he is?  Every man has a cheating heart, this is my theory. Yes it is generalizing, stereotyping, and typecasting. I look at it as sort of a census type thing, a statistical approach. I mean if GOD were to show all women the factual stats of cheating men??.. Unleash the cold war baby!! I have male friends who read my blog and guys I apologize , but the truth is ....well the truth is you guys know what the truth is!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Zombie Zoo

Well Funny, thing happened this am..in strange relation to my recent obsession with different theories on "addictions". This morning I got up, went to Tim Hortons in zombie mode- Realized at the drive thru that I had forgotten my purse. I was able to dig up about $2 in change..so there I am in a predicament. I am starving, and I need a coffee...which Item do you think I purchased- the coffee or the muffin??????? LOL..... THE COFFEE ofcourse!!!! Ide rather feed my caffine addiction than eat!!!! Thats sickening!!! Also about an hour later while on complete auto pilot was on my way to the store, a store which is in the same plaza as a Tim Hortons...and went into the Tim Hortons instead accidently!!! My brain is programmed to go to Tim Hortons???????!! Everyone says they put "something" in the Tim Hortons coffee...well they do....caffeeine and its just one of many overlooked addictions most of us SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Metaphors are all around us....

"Life Is But A Dream Deciphering the Experiences of Waking Life"
-Tianna Galgano
"Decipher Your Dreams; Decipher Your Life"
This is an amazing book!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Metaphorically Speaking


Linear scales are paths
Emotion is motion
Logic is gravity
Theories are beings with life cycles
Change is motion
Change of state is change of direction
Logical relations are casual relations
Action is self propelled motion
Emotional stability is contact with the ground
Disparity is change
Laughter is a substance
Casual precedence is temporal precedence

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


JUST LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Wheres John Lennon when you need him????? Oh thats right he was killed because he wanted WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Repeat after me.....LOVE AND PEACE.....LOVE AND PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!I'm assuming I was born in the wrong generation, cause this one sucks!!!!!!!This rat race is a big vortex that is constantly pulling at you trying to suck you into corruption. No one values what is important anymore. I even find myself so easily swayed, and its sickening. Where have all of the good people gone??? They're all in the botomless pit of GREED!!! Thats it im moving to the country, and im going to be poor and just sit around all day picking food from my garden, making homade wine and homeade paper and paint! Im going to live in my pretty little sanctuary and pretned im in Pleasentville, and live in denial. Pretending the world is good.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

David Ames

Whats the answer to 99 out of 100 questions???

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How to Break Your Addiction to a Person

Last night I rambled on about addictions.....well It got me thinking. So I went out and bought this book titled "How to break your addiction to a person" By Howard M, Halpern.. Very interesting indeed. This book covers everything from the chemical reactions that are triggered in our brains from certain stimuli to societial views, etc. Its very interesting understanding that we are creatures of habit, and the chemicals in our brains play an enormous role in our evey day decision making, and thought process....I am beginning to feel like a robot and now finally understand why my ex boyfriend mocked life, love, and religion, and was of the strong belief that we are all puppets. Science takes the romance out of life. Science creates the cynic. I suppose ignorance really is bliss. Is it possible to become addicted to a person?? Hmm....sounding eeriely familiar. Throw science, some amazing sex, a huge ego and a little bit of O.C.D in a blender, and see what you get! Its really hard to accept any addiction especially to another person! Deny, deny, deny!!!! It can't be!!!! No way not ME!!! Well I am going to read this wonderful book this evening in an effort to validate my denial!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Nomatter how cliche, and unorigional it may be....I will always love looking at Marilyn Monroe. She was beauty at its best.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Last night was an absolute blast!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Its a beautiful day......dont let it get away.....

Well, I have been somewhat neglegent in my posting lately. So I thought I would drop a few lines this am. These blogs are highly narcissistic ( and I am not looking up the spelling on that one) Who in the hell do us bloggers think we are to actually assume anyone gives a shit about our lives??? Anyway, let me bask in my arrogance for just a moment. Humor me. So whats on my mind?? Well I have been asking myself for a long time "what do I want"??? The million dollar question. How is it that I expect to get what I want when I dont even know what exactly that is? Okay everyone says " I just want to be happy" How repulsively cliche. What the hell is happiness?? Happiness is a matter of perception. Whenever someone asks me "what is happiness to you?" I have caught myself replying with the same cliche lines as the next guy. But look deeper for a moment. Take some time to sit there in the dark, in the quiet, be still and think about it. WHAT DO I WANT?!!!! When you have figured out the answer, move on to the next question "HOW DO I GET IT" when you figure that out...move on to question number three, "HOW DO I KEEP IT"? And after all of this is done and your sitting there with all that you thought you wanted ( if you dare be so lucky) ...then comes question number four "NOW THAT I HAVE WHAT I WANT DO I STILL WANT IT???? For me the answer would inevitably be "NO" I mean I am never satisfied..is anyone? What fun would life be if we had all that we wanted?? Where would our dreams then be? The best part about life is what we imagine it could be. The greatest gift we were given was imagination.
Life is a big fat joke, Im telling you. God must have no time to do anything but laugh.. The only thing we need to do is learn to be good. I know, easier said then done and im living proof..however, at the end of the journey the only thing you take and the only thing you will leave behind is your integrity. And how ironic?? Don't we all know just too well, how utterly challenging it is to live this life resisting the temptations that compromise our integrity? My conclusion, He who reaches his last day with his integrity intact has beaten the world at its own game..now that's success....