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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


JUST LOVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Wheres John Lennon when you need him????? Oh thats right he was killed because he wanted WORLD PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Repeat after me.....LOVE AND PEACE.....LOVE AND PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!I'm assuming I was born in the wrong generation, cause this one sucks!!!!!!!This rat race is a big vortex that is constantly pulling at you trying to suck you into corruption. No one values what is important anymore. I even find myself so easily swayed, and its sickening. Where have all of the good people gone??? They're all in the botomless pit of GREED!!! Thats it im moving to the country, and im going to be poor and just sit around all day picking food from my garden, making homade wine and homeade paper and paint! Im going to live in my pretty little sanctuary and pretned im in Pleasentville, and live in denial. Pretending the world is good.


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