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Monday, September 26, 2005

Zombie Zoo

Well Funny, thing happened this am..in strange relation to my recent obsession with different theories on "addictions". This morning I got up, went to Tim Hortons in zombie mode- Realized at the drive thru that I had forgotten my purse. I was able to dig up about $2 in change..so there I am in a predicament. I am starving, and I need a coffee...which Item do you think I purchased- the coffee or the muffin??????? LOL..... THE COFFEE ofcourse!!!! Ide rather feed my caffine addiction than eat!!!! Thats sickening!!! Also about an hour later while on complete auto pilot was on my way to the store, a store which is in the same plaza as a Tim Hortons...and went into the Tim Hortons instead accidently!!! My brain is programmed to go to Tim Hortons???????!! Everyone says they put "something" in the Tim Hortons coffee...well they do....caffeeine and its just one of many overlooked addictions most of us SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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