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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Me and My huney bunny!

My sister and I having a blast!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Me this am

Last night I went out for a few xmas drinks..stumbled in at 3:30 am, ofcourse I was lonely and wanted to cuddle..so I went and snuck in bed with my son......well 8 am I open my eyes and he has a camera pointed at my face...lol This was the most civilized one of the bunch....
Note: Slept with make-up on... :o

Merry Christmas.....

Santa Please bring me a man with ....

Bill Gates Money
Donald Trumps Brain
Mark Wahlbergs body
Jfk Jrs face
David Carusos attitude
Gene Simmons sexual skills
Sings like Frank Sinatra
Plays guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn
thats all.... :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Having the time of my life!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Little Photographer Takes My Pic!!

Me and My Main Man!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Finally happy...

Its been a hard year for me, maily due to men. I am finally, finally beginning to feel happy for the first time in, well forever. I have taken up guitar lessons, and well I suck right now, but I get to laugh at myself!! I have already decided my first major project will be Fairies Wear Boots...I will learn to play that song before I die!!!! God It may take 20 yrs, but ill learn it..on second thought maybe I should start with Planet Caravan..lol I really admire Randy Rhodes, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Jimmy page, Steve Vai, Johnny Winter, David Coverdale. The funny thing is alot of their music is heavier than I like..but when you listen to music based on guitar playing..this stuff is mind blowing...these guys are in a caliber unknown to most.


Everyone has been asking me "what do you want for xmas" and I have told everyone.....Chanel!!! I got one friend Platinum Chanel for men...Goooooooooood damn the stuff smells like new money!!!!!!! Wow they make THE best perfumes and colognes bar none!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Depeche Mode...

I cant believe this..going to budapest to see them!!! God my life is becoming a whirlwind of excitment...either that or im obsessed with martin gore? lol

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

God....I love Madonna

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  • Madonna.com
  • whatever

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    I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours..but

    I think that God's got a sick sense of humour ...and when I die.....I expect to find him laughing.....

    Sunday, December 11, 2005

    Christmas Alone!!!!

    This is probably only the second christmas I have spent completely single in my life..it feels weird. Instead of shopping for my significant other I bought my own xmas gifts...lol I am even wrapping them how pathetic!!!!! If I hadnt bought myself stuff..I wouldve had nothing to open xmas am... that is so sad..
    God I really hate being single in December. Christmas is so much better when you have your boyfriend to cuddle with!!!!!!! guess I wont be dressing up as santas little helper this year lol.. this is lame...can we ffwd to new years eve already? Oh ya..I have no date for that either!!!!!! ok, screw it can I just sleep until may?

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    the snow is falling... im thinking of you
    the curtain's calling...im loving the new
    the wind is blowing...im getting colder
    the phone is ringing...ive gotten bolder
    nights are longer..when you spend them alone
    days seem shorter...when you're turning to stone
    heart beats slowly...time and a maze
    pulse starts racing.. its all a big haze
    life goes on and its always the same
    only the names will change
    when the credits roll to this empty stage
    you were the lead on every page
    for every story has an end
    every lover considered a friend
    no time to be bitter, no room to be sad
    you were the best I ever had
    the laughs were valiant
    the tears were pure
    who we are
    is part of what we were
    life goes on...
    like the lines on our face
    words will never change
    what time cannot erase

    Saturday, December 10, 2005

    A metaphor for my life!!!!!

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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Baaaaaah Humbug!!!

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    I hate Christmas...
    I hate shopping in December
    I hate picking out gifts
    I hate spending money on people because Im obligated
    I hate sitting with relatives I dont know
    I hate sitting with relatives I do know
    I hate snow
    I hate sweaters
    I hate Christmas carols
    I hate fruit cake
    I hate red and green as a pair
    I hate candy canes
    I hate wrapping gifts
    I hate cleaning up wrapping paper
    I hate filling out christmas cards
    I hate listening to drunk relatives repeat stories about when I was 2 for the 27th year in a row
    I hate traditional Christmas trees
    I hate the price of decent tree orniments
    I hate Christmas elves they are creepy
    I hate Santa..because hes a big fat lie
    I hate myself for ever believing in Santa
    And...last but not least I think Rudolph was a pathetic reindeer who should have been shot in the first scene!!!!
    thats all..... :)

    New World Order

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    Has anyone noticed that this world is subtlely, and simultaneously not so subtlely being infiltrated and dominated by Japan????? Is it just me or..are people severely oblivious to the obvious? Think about that for a second. Then look around you....

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Paras kaul is a genious!!!!! Check out this Peace Stream Video...this is revolutionary!!!!

  • Peace Streams

  • Read post below for a more in depth look at what this demiurgic
    artist has tapped into!

    Art as a State of Mind

    Paras Kaul really lets you know what's on her mind.

    While most artists use paint brush on canvas or another medium to get concepts across, Kaul expresses her ideas with a brain-wave interface.

    She's been experimenting with the technology for years and appears poised for a breakthrough. Her newest creation, Peace Streams -- a combination of poetry, music, graphics, video and hypnosis technique -- debuts on August 1 at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

    Kaul's interest in this kind of work was sparked in her teens, during the 1960s. Her father, a psychologist, taught her how to induce altered states of consciousness through hypnosis. After attending the Art Institute of Chicago, Kaul began researching how artists could more easily self-induce an alpha state, that level of consciousness believed to be optimal for creativity.

    "It's the best state," Kaul said. "You're so balanced. You're connected with the real world, but with higher consciousness as well."

    In creating her work, which has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH and other major graphics shows, Kaul consciously tries to enter an altered state. But she thinks she can go even further.

    Attending a recent trade show, Kaul saw a demonstration from IBVA Technologies that let musicians send their brain waves to synthesizers and make music.

    Kaul reasoned that this technology –- a headband with three electrodes, connected to a computer which reads and sends brain waves to PCs and other devices -– could be used to create other forms of art, including visual art.

    "I knew I had to have that," she said. "And I didn’t even have a computer (at home) at the time."

    To create the Peace Streams project, Kaul used an array of Macintosh computers, including a G4 and Titanium. After writing the poem conventionally and typing it into the computer, she turned inward on herself.

    Kaul thought about the poem, which in turn produced brain wave images, based on her emotions, that were captured and edited using special software. Separate audio and graphical tracks were composed.

    Now they've been remixed for the Kennedy Center performance, said Kaul, where hers will be part of a 60-minute show featuring artists who took part in the Sonic Circuits competition. The "concert," as organizers are calling it, will be free.

    With the Kennedy Center show, Kaul's work may finally be hitting the big time. She is preparing a proposal for the National Science Foundation to study learning methods through the use of brain waves. In this, she has a collaborator, William F. Reeder, dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at George Mason University.

    "Paras is a unique talent," says Reeder. "Using brain waves, the activity of her mind, to create new expression is really innovative. It's a whole new canvas. It's very exciting. It's a way of escaping gravity, so to speak."

    Nor will Kaul be done experimenting with brain waves anytime soon. In fact, she considers herself not just an artist, but a "neural artist researcher." Her goal is to work in multimedia education development.

    "Some day, we will all be communicating non-verbally," said Kaul. "When that happens, our communications will be much more truthful and emotional."

    written by Gene J. Koprowski