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Sunday, December 11, 2005

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the snow is falling... im thinking of you
the curtain's calling...im loving the new
the wind is blowing...im getting colder
the phone is ringing...ive gotten bolder
nights are longer..when you spend them alone
days seem shorter...when you're turning to stone
heart beats slowly...time and a maze
pulse starts racing.. its all a big haze
life goes on and its always the same
only the names will change
when the credits roll to this empty stage
you were the lead on every page
for every story has an end
every lover considered a friend
no time to be bitter, no room to be sad
you were the best I ever had
the laughs were valiant
the tears were pure
who we are
is part of what we were
life goes on...
like the lines on our face
words will never change
what time cannot erase


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