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Friday, October 07, 2005

la de da.....

Okay that last post was too funny. How many people actually tried to decipher that pic? If you did..all I have to say is......You either have too much time on your hands.......OR you are obsessed.

So new subject, well I have decided that I would be the bigger person and send my ex's a small gift along with their christmas card... Check it out....
  • Christmas Gift for ex

    At 8:10 PM, Blogger Broken Spectre said...

    Ok, I confess. I checked properties on that little pic and snagged the url, expecting to see a larger version. The pic was still tiny and now I'm oss-creyed.

    Not a bad shirt. Before you send it, get a Sharpie and cross out "Bad Mother". "F**ker" is more accurate for exes, but crossing out the first two words denies their ego the boost they crave.

    It's like leaving them a 5% tip instead of 20%.


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