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Friday, October 28, 2005

The Sentence For Killing Time Is Death

young and blessed with ignorance
longing to become one of the great
when I grow up..I want to be a doctor
do you remember the day you realized you werent invinsable?
i do
the day reality became jekyl and hyde
it became clear...its all inside...there is nowhere to hide
your tree fort is no longer a sufficient shelter
become life, before it becomes you
this bittersweet fleeting existence is a gift
and theres always a catch
nothing is free, you'll have to pay for that
pay your dues, pay unto thee
its not fair and it doesnt make sense
just do your best
smile and pray for mercy
embrace your regrets
the clock is ticking
the world is waiting, with open arms
all things great, all things evil, all things meaningless, all things meaningful
millions of usless activities designed merely to sedate us
we invite these man made comas
come,,, eat up our precious time
let us throw our hours, our years, and our lives into the abyss
life is "always" right there waiting..waiting like summer waits for spring
waits for spring to do its thing
banish always from the english dictionary
abandon assumptions
one day life will sail on by
our time is up....and how we dared taunt time
the almighty mirage
time-the most underrated, yet fiercely hated illusion


At 1:59 PM, Blogger eric strauss said...

I like that sentence:

The sentence for killing time is death.

very clever. yes, oh so very clever. I'm gonna cop that one, nice work.



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